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Threshing Mug (Mystery Dragon Mug)

Threshing Mug (Mystery Dragon Mug)

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MADE TO ORDER. Will ship with fabric UNLESS you order separate then they will ship within 14 days. Color of Handle and inside the mug may vary depending on supplies. Handmade and I am human so there may be small human errors on placement but I promise you will love it! 

🐲You never know what dragon will bond with you until...YOU KNOW!🐲

These color changing mugs are black until heated by hot liquid, then your bond is revealed!

*Image of your bonded Dragon will be located on your choice of left handed or right handed side of the mug. ----> Example is you hold the mug in your right hand, the image will point away from you. Image is on one side of the mug

*All dragons are possible (any color and tail)! However if you KNOW what dragon will bond you please leave a message to seller so I can customize for you. Otherwise please enjoy the many possibilities!

*Orders of Multiples will not have repeat Bonds.

*Specialized tails are not full shown but are listed on the mug. The Dragon Colors are what you will see. Each Dragon Color is a different shape/dragon image. example a brown daggertail and a brown clubtail will have the same mug image but different wording.
* Image is only on one side of the mug.

🍊These are sublaminate mugs. Heat is used to transfer the image to the mug. Therefore enough heat can remove or dull the image and the color changing black. Due to this these are hand wash ONLY. Constant hot water from a dishwasher will null the black color changing layer and over time dull the dragon image.
🫠Due to various washing methods we can not guarantee longevity of the color changing feature or the brightness of the mug print.
All mugs are made to order and home made. due to this small variations are possible with image location, size and colors. We take pride in our work and I hope you love my creations ❤️

Artwork inspired by the book FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros, published by Red Tower Books, an imprint of Entangled Publishing, LLC. Copyright 2024 by Rebecca Yarros. Artwork by Chic Geek Designs. Chic Geek Designs is an officially Licensed merchant.
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