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CG Professional , Tailoring Shears 10"

CG Professional , Tailoring Shears 10"

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✅Heavy duty 

✅No flimsy plastic parts



These heavy duty 10-inch rainbow plated shears are all metal and professional grade Tailoring shears. The manufacturer has advised that are "universal" and for both right handed holders and left handed holders however we believe they are more comfortable for right handed uses due to the top hole design. We have tested cutting and they cut with ease in both right/left hands. 

These are pre sharpened and are designed to be manually re-sharpened later on if you choose to do so yourself or by taking them to a professional (which is reccommend) 

*Please note actual shears you receive are custom to our shop and have our logo <3 so they will vary slightly. Additionally due to the rainbow electroplating used not all shears  have the same coloring and will vary, not 2 are exactly the same due to the plating process.


**Production and shipping** We expect 12-18 weeks for production and sea transportation to our headquarters.

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