Bamboo Spandex

Bamboo Spandex (American Fabric Printer)

This is a lovely lightweight alternative to Cotton spandex and is great for summer/spring clothing. This material has an amazing drape but some may find it too lighweight for #5 zipper tapes. Our sewist and testing team often uses this base for dresses and lightweight clothing. As with all knit fabrics the base is white and then printed. Stretching the fabric will have the white base show through the areas where the print is pulled/stretched. We always reccomend washing your fabrics before using/sewing.

  • Width: 57"-58" wide,
  • Weight: 6.5 ounces per yard
  • Material: 95% rayon from bamboo 5% spandex

Recommended uses:

  • Lightweight dresses and clothing
  • Projects requiring a low stretch / high drape look
  • Gators (facemask)
  • Summer/Spring infinity scarves
  • Light colored prints 

Not recommended for:

  • Warm weather attire (this is a lightweight base)
  • Projects requiring heavy hardware or #5 zippers
  • Projects requiring a heavyweight material
  • Dark colors prints requiring high stretch material 
  • Patterns needing a high stretch base

Video of material in action