Collection: Bag Hardware

**Not all colors are in preorder as there is a LARGE number of the pulls  on our retail website

This is a PRE ORDER for #5 Nylon Zipper Pulls Turn around time is roughly 90-120 days after round is closed due to shipping delays and processing.

NOTE: YOU CAN ORDER PULLS WITH FABRIC together however keep in mind pulls take up to 120 days where fabric is about 30 days. We will have fabric in long before the pulls. If you dont like to wait, like me, then please make two separate orders rather than combine.

  • The items in this collection were made by Chic Geek Designs and are exclusive to our group!  
  • All Zipper Pulls in this collection are made for true #5 Nylon Zipper Tape.  
  • Please review processing timeframes in the Terms & Conditions.